Monday, June 19, 2017

Ramadhan 24: petik!!!

Someone texted me, "kalau dah siap tolong send". Saya baca, tapi tak balas.

I didnt ask either.  I have seen a lot of people like that, main petikkk je... Siapa yang harus in-charge pun dia x tahu..
d best, Just ignore or else, panjang pula ceritanya nanti.

Today, I had a hard time reading d slides. All d data were there. Accurate. Tapi a few should come from me, yg tu saya konpius.  why cant he ask me instead of belasah je tulis.

A different HE.

Luckily a form were distributed.  I was asked to fill it up, together with few others.
I did.
Of course there is descrepansies.

Saya malas nak fikir.
Nak cakap pun malas.

Petikkk je la selagi mampu.
Meanwhile,  mokcik n these two HE tetap penuh kasih sayang kekdahnya.


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