Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ramadhan 25: MBD Tapah Iftar

I meet Yunie Abdurahman on daily basis, but we hardly talk about  other than work-related thingy. Yunie tak banyak cakap, saya pulak waktu kerja sangat gigih mengEmas meja, nak sembang apa?

Luckily she could attend d MBD Iftar, panjang sikit kitaorang sembang...

I knew Josephine Selvaraj Since 2012 and Ita Makcu in 2013.
Jo was our chief.

2 years later, Sunita n I sealed our friendships when we scoured Tapah to find Evian at d backseat of a stranger's car together. Hahhaha.. a long story though.

So much things had happened. Anyway, a guide smiles and sings under all difficulties, katanya... When there is problems, we ironed up things, we dont 'iron' people up to 80% degree burnt.

Tonight is Jo first buka puasa do. Glad she could make it.
Even her family was surprised with her decision. Hahhahhaa

Tapi lps tu I overslept n almost tak jadi datang.

"At least make some effortla. U suruh I datang, now I come n u x dtg plak" dia marah ... hahahhahahha.., dont tell anyone I drove 140km/hour. Sorry MACC. Mokcik terpaksa...

Tri left earlier than us. Jo, Sunita n I sambung berbual sejam dua.
Then kitaorang bangun dan bid gud bye.
Setengah jam kemudian barulah kitaorang betul2 balik.
Kawan baik kot... banyak benda nak cerita hahhahah

In Girl Guides we believe a guide is a friend to all and a sister to every other guide, albeit their faith, race n skin colour.

Orang jemput makan, kita makan bersama. Kita tak 'makan' kawan dek...

Come n join us!



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