Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ramadhan 27: corot

I woke up at 3 a.m. Take bath, solat n did tadarus until 5a.m.
Stopped and had sahur.
Double cheese burger, thats it.

After Subuh prayer, I did d laundry. Then, went out.
On my way stopped and picked the newspaper. The shopkeeper greeted me warmly.

What a splendid day ahead.

Everything was great.
Talked to d kids. Browsed pics left by d kids, completed d task and all.
The calling letter which I requested was already uploaded in d portal.
I couldnt ask for more.
Thnx to Mr Shrul, if I were rich, memang beliau masuk dalam list yang saya nak kasi kereta sorang sebijik.
Mr Shril had already downloaded n diseminated it. Another in my list.

In a way, I m blessed working with great people.

I skipped assembly in order to prepare n send documents to MBD Muallim and Pusat Ko. It cant wait. Urgent matter..
Again, Mr Shril helped me with the fax thingy. Mokcik agak noob di situ..

Thanks, everything goes as planned.

Later, I tried to complete the lesson plan when twin came. Some of the parents are waiting.

I went up. The girls had arranged the chairs neatly.
Flowery hati mokcik...

I really love seeing d parent. Harap2 mereka pun begitu. I could see some improvement. 13/17 parents came.
An achievement!!!!

Once finished , I went down. I meant to write Reading Clinic notification for parents, text for public speaking and set up d committee members. Everything must be ready on the first day after Raya break.

Fid came.
"Tau tak kita antara 7 sekolah yang corot di daerah?", dia tanya. That is why d officers datang berjemaah d day before.

Hari mokcik yang indah terus suram bagai gerhana matahari.
Not again...
Masa tengah marah kita cakap bukan2..

Bila otak dah stabil, I contacted d officer terus. Senang! Mokcik x redha jadi corot.
Kot korang ingat dia boleh ejas supaya tak corot lagi, memang konfemla tidak.

We discussed about ways to improve.
Makcik bukak lappie dan terus taip pelan intervensi.

"Kena ada kerjasama", dia ingatkan lagi.
Last year bila dia cakap gitu , I was flabbergasted, nak kerjasama apa lagi?????

This year sebab Ezazul is in d team, I m really hopeful.
He is a team player.

Gigih mokcik kira how many must pass so that we can get 80% passes. I told them my plan. Nak kutuk mokcik poyo pun, I just couldnt care less.

Being corot Sangat memalukan.
Hari yang indah telah suram. I went to d office, jam DKNY tertinggal. I talked to Mr A about d printing, only to come back later, sebab lupa nak diskas about Reading Clinic n Public Speaking venue.

I locked up d door, only to realise, budu yang Jun kasi tertinggal on my table.
I wEnt home, talked to mommy then went back to 12A, then patah balik... saya tertinggal a packet of cornflakes.

On my way home, kepala masih tak stabil.
Jadi saya terus baking cookies. I need something to distract me. Pronto.

Now dah nak pukul seploh, baru saya teringat...

Baju kat ampaian tak angkat.


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