Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Saya dah tulis panjang-panjang kat efbi. Penat...

Then this is one of d crews status.

Yang orang tak tau, I was not even invited to d event. I m not aware Tapah is included pun. Saya cuma tau bila there was a run in Bagan Datoh, which I think too far.

Was discussing with Jun about nxt even oto while scrolling d socmed.  One of my frens updated about "receiving torch" from the Bagan Datoh official.

I was like.  What??????

Despite I told Jun I was going to do groceries,  terus saya contacted one of d crews. Dia kata, datanglah.

U bet. Saya terus sarung baju and hit the road. It was 1 P.m.

On my way stopped at Tapah RNR for Zuhur. Then drove to SESTA. At 2.15, it was still early. I talked to d crew there before headed to the stadium.

Parked d car n I met Kak Kay n Ikram as I m not sure d route. With their suggestions,  I walked some 100m to find d check point.

Luckily, there was a cab with 3 Girls in orange t-shirts at the backseat. Pheww... I took d front seat n the rest is history.  Hahaha...

Pengalaman merayau di luar negara taught me to be quick in action n confidence in dealing with others.

Of course saya takut giler bila tetiba muncul kat big event sorang2. What if People ask me to go home?

Berlari tengah panas.
Halfway berhenti, tentu saja saya risau how to get to d car.

Mingled dengan big shots, sangat tak logik kalau saya tak ada sedikit pun perasaan rendah diri.

I kept reminding myself..
I did it for the country.. 
Malaysia je kot...

Tanah tumpahnya darahku!!

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