Monday, July 03, 2017

Jangan ragu2 dengan cinta ini...

That is a line from a song sang by a group of boys, under d tree at my neighbour's house. Funny, after a hard day, it put a smile on my face. 
If I were not a babysitter, I would love to sing along, on top of my lung. 

I woke up at 4.20a.m.
Duh, I forgot to re-set d alarm. Ngeee...

Basuh pinggan, cuci kain, pasang cadar dan susun pinggan mangkuk pheww..
By the time I finished everything, it was already 6.45a.m.
I left home at 7a.m., picked the newspaper and I reached my workplace at 7.28a.m.

"Baca tak mesej?" someone asked. 
I did not. Pagi2 mokcik is busy. 

By the way, unconsciously I noticed someone is wearing d same shirt which I told earlier  I like. Bila idola dia (a.k.a moi) puji baju tu cantik, mesti dia pakai on d first day after a long break. 
Dress to kill kekdahnya...
Dah banyak kali macam tu, saya masih ternanti pengakuan ikhlasnya yang saya ini ialah idola beliyau.. hahhahaha..

It brought me to d text yang beliyau kirimkan semalam tapi tak sempat saya buka.
Mokcik is busy.

I went up n tried to do my task.
Unfortunately, I was short of paper clips. 
Who else to ask?

"Pagi tadi dah tergerak hati. Cari tapi x jumpa." katanya, bila kami terserempak. Nampak serius duarius giteww
 Dia kirim juga jawapan di alam maya selepas saya kata saya merajuk...

Untuk rekod saya tak pernah merajuk.
Saya cuma menangis kat bucu katil je hahhaha..
Tapi gila drama kot, belum sempat saya cakap, dia dah tergerak hati nak carikan...

Mungkin gerak hati saya yang beliyau worships me memang tepat dan jitu.
Tolonglah mengaku, bolehla masuk fan club.
Cuma iyelah..., idola la sangat, mintak paper clips pun tak dapat..

Two trainees reported duty n one sat next to me. Hahhahahhaha..
It is an open secret Zeda n I are on d "luaskan kuasamu", quest. Semua meja kitaorang rebut hahhahahah..

Anyway, it is a bless though, because seeing that I was struggling to complete my task, she lent a helping hand. A bless!

Being at d bottom means d authorities will come often. One observed me. 
It was not good. Wish I could do better.
Honestly, not that I am complaining. It is just that there r 5 people I have to contact. Letters to  n on top of all I need to revise students speech, 

Anyway, I am fully aware what my core business is, so I remained there until the end, 

"I meant to come again for your other class", dia kata, 
I was torn. Part of me sangat gembira. D kids r not d only party benefited from her visit. Me too. I learnt a lot. 

Honestly, not that I am complaining. It is just that there r 5 people I have to contact. Letters to compose n on top of all I need to revise students' speeches.

"Makanlah dulu" I suggested.
"Have u eaten?"dia tanya.
"I m fasting today", mokcik jawab jujur. Jadi terus dia tak mahu makan.

"Come tomorrow, we can have lunch together", I suggested. 
Mak saya kata, kalau kita mudahkan kerja orang, Allah akan mudahkan kerja kita juga...

I went up n see d boss about d Wednesday event. 
The preparation had to be made.
I asked Tri to follow up d registration for another event because today is d closing date. 

Then I went to my table, preparing for the next class. 
A girl came n said she needs to talk to me. "Can I see you this afternoon?", she asked.

"Penting ke tak?" saya tanya, sambil reading her eyes.
"Sangat!!!!", dia jawab sambil tersenyum, which did not reach her eyes.

We promised to talk tomorrow as Effa had already made an appointment to rehearse her speech. Besides, my class ended at 3.30p.m. 

I left the classroom at 3.50p.m though, waiting for them to complete their task. 
Spent one hour to complete d task given by the authority today. 
It was such a hassle n time consuming. Restless, body and soul.

Then I checked d group. Tri havent do what I ask. She might be busy too. 
So, I did what had to be done. Who else?

On my way out I call another person, for confirmation of our booking. He did not reply. I drove off. 
If we did not secure d place, we have to postpone, for d third time. 
No way!!!

I had a headache. 
Listening to that song really soothes me. Just like listening to Hindi songs yang sepatah haram kita tak faham tapi kita tetap terhibur dan girang tak tentu pasal..

Mungkin sebab lagu tu bunyi macam angin di tepi pantai. Tenang dan penuh harapan.
Macam juga impian dan harapan saya nak berumah di tepi pantai, supaya saya boleh berenang dari pagi sampai malam...
Tak payah fikir pasal people I have to contact. Letters to compose  n on top of all I need to revise students speech, 


Saya berharap beliyau di paragraf 8 tergerak hati juga nak hadiahkan rumah di tepi pantai yang indah.. hahhahhahaha...


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