Thursday, July 27, 2017


Not so long ago, saya nyampah bila gi meeting. Bosan.

When Shril handed d letter yesterday, I was so Errr ...  Delighted!

Despite my teammates complained about lack of understanding from others about our yesterday event, mokcik gigih tarik beg telekung n dozed off. It was 11a.m.

At 2.30P.m when d sponsors came n cuma ada 5 Kids in d hall, mokcik relaks je mkn bun sambil texted my superior,  telling him what took place.

When my teammates complained how hard they were having chasing d Kids around ( in my humble opinion it is not d Kids fault) I smirked but no way I want to succumb to dat level.

I juz couldnt care less.
I am so tired of d drama until I wanted to vomit. Duh..

N meeting is all I need.
Sat next to Kak Mizan, there r so many wonderful banters n stories-swapped.

Meeting other familiar faces catch up with them in d Middleton of d year is a bliss.

I love talking to Kak Nani, Jo, Ayong to name a few.
We had never run out of stories.

Learning from Jen is enriching too.
Listening to Kak Jah's rambling is Just soothing.

Or d fact dat Kak Su, Faquan, Kak Rita Kak Malathi were there really comfort me.

Didn't have much time talking to Prema, but we always made it a point to greet one another warmly.

Meeting all these great people is therapeutic.
Lupakan saja itu.

Leave those scumbags where they belong.

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