Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Reflection 1

Dalam buku motivasi ajar, when u lead, take charge.  Gitula..


I tried my best not to have favouritism.  Talk to d right person, not simply dump to one dengan harapan beliau sampaikan.
Very not me.

A friend asked me who gave order to d caterer about d change menu.
Both of us were confused.

I did not.
She is d person-in-charge,  of course I will never do things without consulting her.

"You go n settle it", I ordered.
It lead to another thing.
The last straw was when I want to foot d bill, d caterer said, "Nantilah kira, atau kirimkan pada......  nanti"

Mintak Penyata bil je kot... Bukan mintak diskaun pun...
I juz dont get this attitude.

Dalam mana2 organisasi pun mesti ada watak ni. Tiba2 muncul jadi Penyelamat dengan alasan, "dia tu kerek, biar I uruskan".
If u r Damn good, why dont u "uruskan" everything from scratch like I did?

I would love to d passenggers too. Trust me!

Oh come on...
Experience had taught me well. If we let this attitude breed, d organisation will collapse. Duri dalam daging.

"I f I didnt get d bill today I wont pay a dime!" I mean it.

He handed d bill. I paid full amount n we (d caterer n I) were happy.
In future I would love to work with him again.

Sampai sudah saya tak faham kenapa tiba2 ada orang tengah. I wont ask.
I hope by now whoever he/she is dia akan tau, MOKCIK WONT PLAY DRAMA.

I took full responsibilities of everything. Please do not try to be funny.

Just because I kept quiet does not mean I dunno. Maybe it is my way of saving ur face;)

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