Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Suci hati.

Bona fide.

Looking back, I had been blessed with the people around me.

Let's start with d Kids who never complain when I could not finish marking on time. Marking books IS big thing.

Thanks to d Kids who always understand that their Teacher will always literally run from one place to another. While on d 'run', I might forget things, ketabahan mereka mengutip dan memulangkan kembali, priceless!!

Second time, application was approved in record time. Banyak kali saya tulis betapa bagusnya the officer-in-charge itu. Kalau korang jumpa dia, tolong mudahkan urusan beliau juga.

Kehadiran pun bagus. Saya ingat orang tak mahu datang, tapi 73 Girls tu kira ramai la tu... Thanks to my fellow leaders.

D coaches were very helpful. I was worried mereka akan poyo n yell on top of their long. They were not!!!
Very humble n polite. They gave a lot of wonderful ideas which I adopt n adapt. Brilliant!

I revised the menu. People thought I were cheapskate. In my humble opinion, d food is more than enough.

D leaders who came worked harder than me.

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