Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Horizon on the Run part 4

Bila sweeper semua balik, berakhirnya tugas. I was so stArving.
Was told breakfast is provided.

Tapi ada lori milo n van cheerio tu. So okla.
Saya mmg nak balik, tapi a Kenyan manned d counter plak dah. Kesian... Dia dahla lari 10km.

Jadi saya gantikan, whereas other crews tolong uruskan hadiah. Yg ni mokcik konpius... Katanya tolong bagi ayo, medal n certs je.. Ermmm..

Tapi semua org buat, saya fikir macam saya, mereka pun simpati pd organiser.

Ada glitches juga. Hmm..
Tapi henfon retak seribu tu was a harsh reminder for me not to intervene.

Keep telling myself,  I did it for Him,  kang kot x ikhlas tak der pahala. Rugi..

After d photo session, I cant wait no more.
Mokcik ngantuk gilerrr, nak drive jauh pulak tu.

Jadi,  saya serahkan all d reg fee for d next event n d form, in front of Amanda.

Again,  typical Mat SALLEH,  mesti bersembur2 dia kata grateful segala kan...
Tapi yang tak boleh blah dia nak kasi mokcik duit plak

"No. Not me. Please", mokcik cakap dengan muka ikhlas sangat..

"No?" dia tanya, mokcik geleng kepala with dengan muka aidonbilifyuu. Dia tambah lagi dgn ayat grateful, wonderful,  full full tu..

" Do u mind if I take extra medals?" mokcik tanya. Dia kata boleh.
Mokcik nak kasi kawan2, kasi semangat...

To be honest.
I dont think d organiser dapat balik modal pun. We all know how stressful he is. Tapi sikap beliau yang masih gigih dan generous tu sangat kagum. He is so cool, padahal kot we were in.his shoes mau kita nangis berjemaah kot.

His first running event was 18/12/2016. I registered.  Havoc juga. Medal tak.dapat sebab supplier x siapkan on time.

Second event ditunda banyak kali. Saya serik tapi Len nak sangat, jadi saya registered. Bila dah ditunda byk kali ada yg minta refund. Len tak pergi run tu. So x tua apa citer.

ThIs time around, crew Xder. Luckily ada yg sanggup. We formed a team in less than 24 hours. Kot kitaorg x tolong, siapakah?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Horizon on the Run part 3

Flag off went smoothly. D mc was superb. The participants sangat kurang memberangsangkan.

Too many categories summore...

I must say, one of d Lady took d Red tshirt for d crews. Told them I.need one pronto sebab saya tak konfiden pakai tshirt cotton.
So they allowed me.

Once it started d crew prepared for finishing plak. We were short of staff. Luckily people from.check point came back n lend a hand.

Then d silly incident occurred. A makcik pung pang sebab her kid tak menang despite she came second. Like????
D crew tried to reason but she was adamant. If I were in.their shoes I might take dif measure, but hey... ThIs is not even my place.

I stood next to a Lady yg saya tak tau nama until d man yg juga tak tau nama came n helped us.

Mokcik baru nak bukak thread mengata Kiasu tu sekali henfon terpelanting dan retak seribu.

Mokcik tak jadi nak mengata dan terus fokus to give away medals n certs.

Horizon on the Run part 2

Actually it was 4.45a.m.
Mokcik sosek.

It was too quiet for a run.
Then I saw a tent. I went there but no one entertain me. Adeiii...

Tak lama few more people came. I dont even know anyone. We belong to d same running group. Mereka selalu pergi.LSD, mokcik idokk...

Mereka pakai baju sama, whereas sebab Xder mokcik PuΕ₯ on a White cotton.tshirt.
Kampung.com sgt rupanya...

Pukul 5 lebih ada briefing,  but still I do not know what should I do. Luckily ada org tanya about d registration. D, boss is an Englishman. Those who used to deal with Mat SALLEH will know how polite they are.

"No Pat, please don't bend it", tetiba mokcik jadi kiasu giler.
Namanya Patrick,  gigih mokcik panggil nama pendek padahal dat was d first time we work together.

Typical mat SALLEH, bila kita argue, they will say, " Ok.. Up to you".
Mokcik pulak typical Belanda (dapat tanah).

Ok juga, so I finally got a job to do. I manned d counter n entertain d queries about d next Running event.

At 6 a.m saya tanya kat crew lain whre d musalah is. Mereka pun x tau. Told them It's okay. The truth is, sebab selalunya Run start awal, saya memang selalunya bawa sebotol air mineral, telekung dan kanvas saiz sejadah untuk solat.
Sesiapa yg terbaca entri ni, harap bermanfaat utk korang. Jgn hentak meja kalau surau crowded. Solat tu tanggungjawab kita. Jgn nak macam2 ye...

Cuma hari tu saya sampai di rumah pun dah lewat malam, air mineral pun takder stok. Aiseyy..

Jadi saya menapak menuju ke tandas n d caretaker said, ada surau.  Spacious sebab ada sorang je yang sedang solat.

After solat, I went back to d counter.  Someone told me, they r short of staff at water station. Saya ok je nak pergi, but at dat time,  a few people including d boss n asked about d registration.

D blast from.Zumba really made it hard for us to talk. (I missed d Zumba too😭)

It lead to another discussion jadi sudahnya I was stuck there until d race began.

Horizon on the Run

Ini delayed post.

Sehari dua fikiran mokcik tak stabil sebab tengah marking. Atau yang lebih tepat emosi mokcik yang terganggu.
Fitri only answered 1/2 question. So dif another girl. Afiq did well but not convincing enough.
Hanis got 14/15 marks for Sect A but was quite careless in writing.

Jadi begitulah.
Mokcik seteresss..

Jadi bila IncikIs tanya siapa nak jadi crew mokcik tengok dah full... Iskkk. Gigih mokcik mengomen, alaaa baru nak kasi nama. Padahal...

IncikI pm asking for details because he requested extra crews from d organiser. I was juz finished 15km run at dat time. I meant to say no, but erkkk... He knows my name. D name which d Kids used to call me.

Me: kita ni pernah jumpa ke sebenarnya?
Him: tak pernah. Esoklah masa run kita jumpa
Me: Ooo ingatkan student mokcik ke...
Him: taklah pakcik dah tua..

Ok he is too old to b my student. Dat day I asked a friend if he knows him, he said no. I concluded this man is not among my athletics buddies either ( not dat I have many too).

But he knows what I am doing for a living, I guess he must be befriended with
A) d Kids
B) the err...


Lepas saya gigih mengajar d Kids supaya jgn berbohong, takkan saya pulak mungkir janji

When he said 4.30a.m.
Gelap gelita mokcik sampai..

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Isa in orange

I hope this time MACC do not pull some wayang to calm down d felda people.
Wrong is wrong, no matter who did it.

I remembered seeing someone fb post about visiting London for signing ceremony years ago.
The same person upload a status about attending a FELDA event with a certain VVIP today.

And Isa is all alone.
In orange.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How d u deal with deathbed?

I dunno.

Rienna's sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer during Ramadhan. Her only wish was for everyone to adorn in blue baju raya. Unfortunately, it wasnRienna's turn to spend their Hari Raya at our hometown.

A month later she was told her cancer is Stage 4.
Sad eh...
All this while, she looked after her paralysed aunt, now she could not even look after herself.

Cancer is a nightmare.

I happen to go for a short trip with a cancer-survivor friend in May. We went for almost a week-trip. She is fun to be with n very grateful for d loaned-life, as she put it.

In July she told me she found a lump. I thought ...
"She cant do anything now" , our mutual friend said when I asked her whereabout.
I contacted her, she rarely replied. I never ask, I m scared for d uncertainties.

Neah's husband met a horrible accident 19 days ago. It horrible. She wrote d journal in facebook, save me d trouble of asking. Whenever we met, we just hugged.

Just now I learnt her husband passed away. At 7.20p.m to be exact. Terrible fate, I m sure Allah knows best.

Knowing Neah, I guessed she is strong enough to accept  it.
My not a cancer-survivor friend anymore is a strong woman too.
I do not know Rienna's sister-in-law well, but I believe only the tough n strongest  will be tested by Him.

May Allah blessed them.


Awwwww shweettts

This is d kids' project.

Me so lovin' it

Monday, August 14, 2017


Ye lah...
Selepas hujan, rainbow delighted d sky gitcheww.

It began early dis year when Neah asked if I could train d Nilam. I simply said yes because I just want to show my support. Jauh di sudut hati, mokcik pun rasa sangsi dengan kemalasan diri sendiri.

When d date is finalised, Neah had a big test which made me determined not to give her headache more than she could handle.

Di celah2 helping Effa for State Public Speaking Competition, d Marching team preparation n handling Reading Clinic, we (as in Ikah n Ainin) had brainstorming session. These girls worked harder i guess. D training was done whenever we could find time.

Since I don't have much time to drill them, I offered to take them to d venue. Only because it is exam week. I can leave d class without feeling guilty.

 Mixed-up maybe. Somebody already told all n sundry dia yang akan in-charge. I really do not mind. Pening mokcik.

To make d story short, dis morning we went together.
Crowded room n given circumstances, I do not think drilling is  a good thing. What am I going to do from 8 to 4.30?????

I asked to help d judges mark d writing test. Mereka tak kasi. Confidential I guess.

Kak Mizan n I sat together n did NOTHING. Even browsing LAZADA n Shoppee could not cure our boredom. By the way, d room was warm too. I got headache, padahal kat umah sendiri bukan ada ekondisyen pun... sejenis mengada2 haha..

I saw someone's miscalled.
I had a bad feelings. Called back n asked whatizit. He replied, "saja..."

Suddenly my head spinning. My heart skip a beat.  In d past when he did that, meaning he n his team is plotting n they will do something very horrible. Many times n until now it still given me nightmares.

I asked Kak Mizan to change place n sit somewhere colder. We talked shop for a while before going up n help serve d lunch. We had lunch with Kak Mizan's friend who later was introduced as Kak Shita's husband.

"Kita rindu Kak Shita" I told him.
Like Kak Mizan, I met Kak Shita once a year. We worked hard but we laugh a lot too. She opted for early retirement to focus on her thriving business.

"Kak Shita kata hidupnya aman sekarang", d husband said n I was like, " huntonglah...".

He called Kak Shita n let me talk to her.
Sobbbsss... she sounds so happy n I envied her a lot:(
Mungkin satu hari, kalau lelaki itu dan team beliau terus-terusan membuli emosi saya sambil acah2 fefeling victims, saya tidak akan ragu2 mengikut jejak langkah Kak Shita.

Cuma bezanya, Kak Shita kayo, mokcik kayap.

Luckily, with Kak Mizan around, I wont have time to wallow in self pity.
The thing is, Fyd texted beritahu she left chicken meatball on my table. Once she knows I m not around, dia kata dia ambil semula n janji will bake another...

Not fair...
I really love chicken meatball kot...

Kak Mizan yg tolong balaskan text, jadi bila fyd kata dia dah kasi kawan2 lain makan.... kekecewaan itu kami kongsi bersama.

We went straight to Econsave. A packet of chicken meatball, elbows , cream soup, pasta sauce n 2 cloves of garlic later, we r ready for our cooking mission.

Kak Mizan yang masak, saya cuma potong cheese je.

Then we baked n isi dalam containers for her students n mine. Walaupun tak sedap, tapi konfiden nak bagi d kids rasa. Eh??

We fetched d kids, n bid gudbye. Great!!!

Saya tak tau bila lagi akan jumpa Kak Mizan.
Saya pun tak tau bila lagi saya akan jumpa Kak Shita.
I m not into a habit nak berunion bagai.

One thing for sure, whenever I see them, they really made my day. Walau bertahun tak jumpa.
I did not have to worry about anything because I know they have no ulterior motives.
We always have fun in whatever we do, walau susah separuh mati pun.

I hope, saya akan jadi rakan yang baik macam Kak Mizan n Kak Shita even to those yang acah2 besties tapi dalam masa yang sama teamed up kenakan saya, lepas tu g ngadu dengan boss, lepas tu texted saya dan kata dia tak suka orang buat saya macam tu, lepas tu teamed up semula dan kenakan lagi dengan orang tu juga...
Dah masuk umur 27 tahun ni, tak redho sangat nak ber BBNU

At least this time around, bila orang main wayang, instead of grabbing popcorn, I can switch to chicken meatball resepi Kak Mizan.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kenangan lebih indah daripada peristiwa:)

After years of lapse, dis yr d committee is formed n d activity is organised. Gigih mokcik took part to show my support since, Mr Shahrul had support all my programmes wholeheartedly. Giler kau tak balas budi orang...

Initially, to cut cost, mokcik suruh d neighbouring school took part. Dah derang tak sudi, mokcik pejam mata n paksa d Girls joined. I did not blame them though. In fact I did not force anyone. Free will.

The Girls pun x sudi juga in d beginning, cuma lepas camping trip terus mereka berubah 360Derjah.  At least berjaya juga camping tu shaped them to be helpful.

I learnt from experience. Certain people bila kita ajak buat kerja, dia bingit nak mampsss petik sana sini, cari gaduh dengan orang tu n orang ni, bingit lagi kenapa orang tu tak tolong, orang ni tak bantu.  Avoid them like plaque.

Mokcik dah bijak sket, so awal2 mokcik tanya jumpa Chiefs. Ketua Derjah to Ketua Derjah talk kata ko, sambil minum ayo nescafe panas.   Hahaha... Yuni n Lida (both r Chiefs)  agreed to help out.

In d evening when d Girls mengadu mereka kena marah sebab join, mokcik tersenyum sinis jah. I don hv time for ular/snakes.  Instead I asked d Girls to settle it. As I always remind myself, it is not my level to stoop so low katanya...

Funny, 2 people came n shared their expertise.  I smiled gratefully but it was just that. The least I want to do is melayan drama. They had given me headaches in d past, their nasty comments will forever etched in my mind.
Daya ingatan mokcik masih bagus.
Thanks, but no thanks.

Someone suggested I asked someone for help. I did not. In d past I always told her about things, because she is d Chief back then. Every time, she will tell me to tell others too, not just her, implying my leadership is that bad until I couldnt deliver to others, except her. Like?


I thought it is what organisation is all about. Chiefs talked to Chiefs who later will instruct ur subordinates. Or else,  no need to form committee whatsoever.
Kita suruh saja siapa yang lalu depan mata buat kerja gitu?

Not me.
Mokcik x minat nak masuk campur, despite I like her so much. I found d attitude is annoying. Omputeh kata too many cook spoil d broth.
No thanks.

I contacted a Facebook friend for his expertise. He came.
When I stumbled n demotivated, I went to Ikea Preview Sale. Hahaha...

I called my trusted friends for support. They came to my rescue, for dat I m so thankful.

I laughed a lot with everyone,  deep down I just know, if I fall they will laugh-out-loud too. Hahaha...

I laughed again when someone said " awat teruk sangat" because I forgot to take d markers. If he was A FRIEND, he will text me n remind me because he knows how forgetful I m. D fact he chose to team up n bashed me behind my back is an acid test for his true colours.
What else to do?
Ketawa sajalah.

I do know someone is so bitter n keep mengadu sana sini about my decision.
I do know too those yang dia pergi mengadu gigih taking sides, while been nothing but sweet to me. Fake!!

Suddenly, tak pernah2,  skip assembly nak pujuk 'skandal' yang sedang bersedih. (sumpah tak ngaku tu)  hahahaha...

Do I look like I care?

I dont.

Hidup ni singkat sangat kot, nak bermuka2 dan main wayang segala.
Nak acah2 alim dan quote ayat Quran to justify our actions.

It wasnt easy. I puΕ₯ a brave face in front of everyone. Balik rumah mokcik menangis di bucu katil.

I never wished it to anyone. It hurts.
Damn hurts.
The worst kind of hurt, I tell u.

I had a gud time working with d Girls n d frens who love giving them chance n exposure. My mom accompanied too.
Knowing these people still with me, through thick n thin is enuff.
But still, there were times I was so scared n confused, I wept to sleep.

The Girls didnt win though.
Nayy... It is least of my concern. They had work hard, dats matter...

On our way back, d girls kata mereka nak makan KFC.
Ermmm.. Pakcik driver said he dont mind to stop for a while.

I noticed four Girls did not go down.
I asked them why. Two r well-off. Sengaja tak nak makan oily food maybe.

One 'mouthed' she only brings RM5.
The other just shrugged off, meaning she did not bring any.

I slipped a ten-ringgit bill to one. She refused.

I m sure,  all teachers will do the way I did. Takkanlah kira nak biarkan..

"Tapi Nina dah tolong Teacher... Teacher sangat terharu tau tak...", which is true. Kalau si Nina ni pun ikut perangai macam  di perenggan 5,6, 13, 14 dan 15, Perghhhhhhhhhhhh konfem mokcik kemurungan eternally.

But nope.
I did not tell her about people in para 5,6,13 14 n 15. For them Teacher mereka is an Angel, all smiles and always see d bright side of everything which has nothing to do.with homework. The Teacher is a lioness where incomplete homework is concerned giteww.

Saya beli 4 sets for Yuni, Fiqah, pakcik driver n d girl yang tak bawak duit tu.

They thanked me profusely.

One of them asked me, how much I spent for d Girls. Tak banyak pun, saya cakap. Which is true. Tak habis pun sebulan gaji.

Her: Duit claim cuma dpt RM360 tapi sewa bas RM400, lagi RM40 dapat dari mana?
Me; Kan cukup tu?
Her: Ye la... Duit beli goodies ni ambik dari mana?
Me: Kan awak dah bagi duit tu semalam..
Her; Ye la tapi mana cukup...
Me: Cukup tu..
Her: Duit upah jurulatih, sewa topi,  duit minyak lagi.

Saya pun...  Entah...
Diam. Makan

Dia selitkan duit dalam poket. Saya tepis, dia elak.

"Saya nak pahala jugak,  jangan tolak", dia kata. Saya diam dan terus makan KFC, padahal tak lapar pun.

To be honest, saya sampai sudah tak boleh hadam apsal orang suka mengata2 dan caci maki di belakang. If fame is what d trainers like us got, sorry we could never win. At least my team do not stand a chance.

If it is for name, I would rather do like them, dah sah2 will be liked sebab tak menyusahkan orang ajak buat itu ini.

If it is for money, think again...

Yang derang bingit sangat tu dah kenapa kot? Satu sen pun mereka tak menyumbang,  mohtip sangat. Takat tetiba nak mengadu sana sini, yang dengar pun gigih taking sides n jadi cnn. Gi jumpa boss ngadu lagi, boss pun  terima aduan dengan hati terbuka n it reflected in yearly appraisal

Fuhhh... Tinggi betul konfidensi memasing.

I never retaliate in d past, I will definitely not going to start now. They can do whatever they want. Mokcik tak sudi nak campur.

Once home I took out out d bill she slipped.

I cried.
At least now I know I m not alone.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Ular 3.

One day Yuni n I had brekkie with Lida. We discussed our current project. An uphill battle that is.

We had a gud laugh though, but Lida promised her team's support.

An announcement were made.

The first meeting was disaster. Turned out that Ular 3 had told off d Girls not to join our project.

We had another good laugh.

"uruskan...", I instructed d girl. Not my level to stoop that low hahahaga...

Ular 2

Satu hari Yarn datang dan berbincang tentang program photoshoot.  We were so excited for d prospect.

"Yarn, aku nak kamera tau", Ular  cakap on his way out.


He had been listening to us all this while, d fact he chose to ask for d camera once he heard our discussion is intriguing.


Friday, August 04, 2017


It was after the body rafting activity

Athira had a panic attack. She fainted once she touched the water.
Mohon bayangkan betapa azabnya nak angkat dia ke darat dengan badannya yang terkulai layu tu..
The life guard took her to the camp. Yuni was there to look after her.

"Dia nangis nak balik. Badannya pun panas" she told me.

Me: betul ke nak balik ni
Athirah: angguk
Me: Semalam tak demam kan?
Athirah: geleng
Me: Ni sebab takut air tadi bukan?
Athirah: angguk
Me: Ok je kalau takut air. tapi beritahulah.. I pun takut tempat tinggi. Gayattt sangat. tapi rahsia tau
Athirah: senyum
Me; Dulu masa sebaya u, naik bangunan tingkat 3 pun I gayat tak berani pandang bawah hahaha
Athirah: senyum
Me: Ni betul ke nak balik ni.
Athirah: (nangis - angguk)
Me: Kalau balik nanti tak lepas la syarat kelayakan nak dapat lencana tu tu. Nak lencana tak?
Athirah: geleng
Me: Thats not all. Kalau Athirah balik hari ni, nanti makcik x kasi dah nak join aktiviti luar.
Athirah: (nangis)
Me; Makcik awak tu memang baik. Dia jaga awak bertiga dengan bagus. Teacher respek betul..
Athirah: (nangis)
Me: Kalau dia tahu Athira nangis ni, mesti dia datang ambil, tak bagi dah awak join aktiviti. Dia risau.
Athirah: (nangis)
Me; Kalau Athira demam, dan nak balik, boleh tumpang Cikgu Yuni balik. Tak apa tau... I tak marah pun.. Pergi kemas beg ye.. Tapi malam ni ada campfire  pulak.. Ermmm..

Dulu kakak Athira, Izzati was my sidekick, jadi saya kenal adik beradiknya. Masa di sekolah rendah dia selalu pengsan. Izzati ada beritahu sebabnya, tapi saya lupa. Tahun ini dia di Tingkatan 1 nampak lebih sihat tapi memang jenis tak bercakap banyak.

Ayah mereka meninggal sewaktu mereka kecil. Emaknya re-married dan mereka tinggal bersama pakcik dan makciknya. Memang saya hormat sangat dengan makcik dia tu, amanah sangat.

Sebab tu saya berani cakap macam tu hahahahah..

Lega hati kitaorang bila malam tu Athira had fun during the campfire. The next she lined proudly, receiving her badge.

"Teacher... mari sini teacher!!!" dia lambai tangan dua hari lepas.

Dulu nak dengar suara pun susah... Ni kemain bagi arahan pada kita pulak ..

Sampai ke hujung nyawa saya akan kenang pengalaman ni hahahahhahahahahaha


Aktiviti  ayo  is my favourite. 
It started off with a briefing and harness life jacket

Walked together to the river at 2.30pm under the scorching heat:)

Another briefing on life-saving course

Then, the trial under life guards close guidance

Finally we can safely do the activities IN GROUP.

In a way I m telling u safety comes first.

But there was an Orang Asli girl with red eyes n was almost in tears.

Mokcik: Lemas ke?
Molly: Tak..
Mokcik: Janganlah menangis..
Molly: Saya tak suka sungai..
Mokcik: Ada peristiwa yang buruk pernah berlaku kah?
Molly: (geleng kepala)
Mokcik: Kat rumah tak ada sungaikah?
Molly: Ada. Tapi saya tak suka pergi..
Mokcik: Ruginya (dengan sangat drama...) masa kecil rumah saya di tepi sungai. Bila pindah sekarang rumah atas gunung, yang paling saya rindui, berenang kat sungai la..
Molly: (diam .. stress kot dengar mok cakap tak berhenti-henti)
Mokcik: Kalau cuba berenang lagi sekali mahu.
Molly: (geleng kepala)
Mokcik: Kali ini berenang dengan saya. saya akan jaga kamu. Mahu tak?
Mokcik: Kalau cikgu ada, saya mahulah...

Jadi kami berdua pun berpatah semula. Baju basah, mokcik gumuk. Bertambah susah nak jalan.. hahaah

Sewaktu turun ke air, ada budak Tunas yang berdiri di tepi sungai, muka cuak.
"Mari, kamu yang takut air tadi kan?" mokcik tanya ala-ala seploh kali menang pingat emas acara renang kat Olimpik macam Micheal Phelps.

Budak tu melompat ketkutan, tapi dia lebih takutkan mokcik, mungkin. I hold their hands n there of us floated n swam away...

It was.... soothing... the cold water under ur body and the blue sky above u, enchanting!

Then my friends sambut kat hujung tu... Saya berhenti, dan those two kids were very happy.

"Selamat kan... Takut lagi tak?" saya tanya mereka berdua..
"Tak. Seronoklah cikgu. Saya nak cuba lagi" kata mereka.

Korang ingat saya akan joined mereka?
Gila... nak naik ke tebing tu dengan kaki saya yang cramps, then nak jalan lagi dengan baju basak dahla saya gumuk... seksa kot
.. pengsannnn...

But they did.

Yes peeps.
I had the most amazing job in the world))

Normality is a paved road.

Early this week, I was listed for an extra class.

"Teacher, ustaz tanya kalau dia boleh swap?
I studied d timetable closely. Nak swap celah mana? He was no even listed.
Of course I said YES. 

"Teacher, today is your turn, WHY do u give to ustaz" Najwan asked. 
" Cannot la dik, I did not prepare.". You see when u taught them since they were 13, you will be kind of attached to them.. " I juz got the timetable just now", I added quickly.

"You not negative teacher." he continued, I was puzzle.
"Silappp you must think positive teacher", he rephrase, but we already laughed out loud. 

Make sense. Anyway with Reading Clinic Finale on the next day, formin a marching team is still and uphill battle, doing report for camping and distributes d receipt to 9 schools scattered around a vast district really made me a bit on the negativity-overload. 

"Why dont I treat u guys breakfast  tomorrow", obviously every one was in high spirit.

Fit bought them. My instruction was clear, 2 questions, nothing less and they can eat any time they like provided the questions re finish on time. 

I sat with ICU  though, because they need extra-coaching. While eating Jai asked why didnt I treat them on Thursday, "Esok kan hari jadi Sam" he said..

"Helllehhhhh" his friends mocked him. Sam n Jai shared the same birthdate.
"No way!!!!!" I answered meanly. Heh?
He looked away sadly and finished his task.


I asked Fit to hid the cake. 
Ye... mokcik hati tisu. Lagipun Cik Odah, nenek Jai selalu layan saya dengan baik..
Tak jatuh mesken pun mokcik beli kek untuk budak berdua ni..

I did not join their celebration though as I was in 5 Sc. These 2 boys came and sent some cakes.
We ate together.. 
What a nice distraction:)

Today they came, n thanked me again. So sweetzz.

I remembered Kiah back in 2014 who cried when we sang a birthday song for her. Chu'a cried too despite on her birthdays we only had ice-blended  sebab kedai kek tutup.

You see...
It is not to show these kids that I love them. Because I do.

But then, to do something extra at this point of time really need TIME.
I wish I have more time:)

Hasil carian imej untuk normality is a paved road

In 10 years time, I hope they know, even though I was not always around, I always have their best interests at hear:((

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Tuesday, August 01, 2017


I woke up at 4, reading Fid's message asking me to contact Jen. Took time to reply to Jen's but I totally forgot to thank Fid for the message.

Bagus budi bahasa kau norizanadnan.

While busy rummaging the cubicle looking for Errr shoes(?) Suhaida came asking for ANY hadiah. Hahhahah d ones she prepared for the event accidentally left home.

Early in the morning?
Managed to find a tshirt n she rolled it in KALAS cups.

"A savior", kata beliau kepada mokcik yang masih terkebil2. Hahhahaha.. Weii KALAS for VIP?
Ikea should thank me hahhahahah

At 9, Jen came for observation.  It was not good. Later we went for brunch together.

"On me!" dia kata..
Like? I m d host kot.

As usual, it is always fun talking to her, when we PuΕ₯ down d profesional cap.
I guess that is what I treasured most about her. When I did mistake she never spare me. She will point out without fear n favour.
Then, once it is over,  we talked free about things.

Not just her.
Most of our fraternity r like that. Jo included. I remembered how she strongly opposed to what Jen's were doing back then

I remembered asking Jen in 2015 either the two of them had personal issues.
"Nope", she answered shortly. No elaboration.
Today I know she was telling me the truth, nothing but the truth πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
Jen n Jo were always seen talking about work-related matter publicly.

I admired both of them for that.
In fact I admired people who can separate their personal n Profesional issues.

"Teacher, saya nak Singgit nak beli air", Ashraf pleaded when I bumped into him after brunch. I handed a 1.5liter mineral water, but he refused, saying that he only needed a smaller bottle.
Sangat manja..

Was on.the way to.pay for d drinks when someone approached me, "saya nak mengadu" She said.
I took time to listen.
She had worked hard to ensure d morning event was succeed. Unfortunately,  her co-team sabotaged it by refused to do something on d pretext d boss was not coming.
Like... Seriously??? πŸ˜‚
ok tak jadi ketawa because she was very depressed.

" Wasnt him d ones who did not adhere to d rules n regulation in d previous task?" I asked to confirm.
"He did. Hey that was not all. Someone detect he did wrongly for a certain important matter"  dia tambah.
"Who detect?" as usual, Serious allegation needs a good source. She mentioned a name, I smirked.

It is interesting to note dat he was awarded d APC which was described by many as duit haram. Some went far as not to eat their food.

Bab cenggitu mokcik tak.campur.  Orang kasi mokcik makan je... I went to him n congratulate him, because back then I think.he deserved it. Of course at that time I never had a chance to work closely with him n I never join any bunga2 neraka teamπŸ˜‚.

It just dat recently when Abg Bro n TheOldFriend transferred, I rarely left my.cubicle. Therefore, these people have more time to speak to me. Maybe...

These new revelation made me thinking about my view on people too.

When d APC list came out, most of my closest friends complained that those r Apple polishing,  I beg to differ though.

Not many years later, he was not doing what he is.supposed to.do. I m.talking about work ethics here.
Another one had given stupid excuses to d people at a higher up level. Someone up there was given a task to monitor beliau.

"Dia ni macam mana orangnya", the big shot asked, during one of our meetings.

"Ok je", saya jawab sambil tersengih.
Like Jo n Jen, mokcik memang ok dengan semua orang. Shud d need to give my piece of mind arise,  mokcik gigih melakukannya tanpa tapisan. Once d matter was over, tidaklah mokcik sudi menarik muka sehingga ke hujung nyawa.

As usual, orang mengadu kita tadah telinga. Orang cakap kita siasat.  Orang main wayang,  kita duduk tepi dan makan popcorn sajalah...

In life, if u want to help. Help.
If u dont want to do. Dont.
If u have power.
Be fair n just.

No drama plsπŸ‘Œ