Friday, August 04, 2017

Normality is a paved road.

Early this week, I was listed for an extra class.

"Teacher, ustaz tanya kalau dia boleh swap?
I studied d timetable closely. Nak swap celah mana? He was no even listed.
Of course I said YES. 

"Teacher, today is your turn, WHY do u give to ustaz" Najwan asked. 
" Cannot la dik, I did not prepare.". You see when u taught them since they were 13, you will be kind of attached to them.. " I juz got the timetable just now", I added quickly.

"You not negative teacher." he continued, I was puzzle.
"Silappp you must think positive teacher", he rephrase, but we already laughed out loud. 

Make sense. Anyway with Reading Clinic Finale on the next day, formin a marching team is still and uphill battle, doing report for camping and distributes d receipt to 9 schools scattered around a vast district really made me a bit on the negativity-overload. 

"Why dont I treat u guys breakfast  tomorrow", obviously every one was in high spirit.

Fit bought them. My instruction was clear, 2 questions, nothing less and they can eat any time they like provided the questions re finish on time. 

I sat with ICU  though, because they need extra-coaching. While eating Jai asked why didnt I treat them on Thursday, "Esok kan hari jadi Sam" he said..

"Helllehhhhh" his friends mocked him. Sam n Jai shared the same birthdate.
"No way!!!!!" I answered meanly. Heh?
He looked away sadly and finished his task.


I asked Fit to hid the cake. 
Ye... mokcik hati tisu. Lagipun Cik Odah, nenek Jai selalu layan saya dengan baik..
Tak jatuh mesken pun mokcik beli kek untuk budak berdua ni..

I did not join their celebration though as I was in 5 Sc. These 2 boys came and sent some cakes.
We ate together.. 
What a nice distraction:)

Today they came, n thanked me again. So sweetzz.

I remembered Kiah back in 2014 who cried when we sang a birthday song for her. Chu'a cried too despite on her birthdays we only had ice-blended  sebab kedai kek tutup.

You see...
It is not to show these kids that I love them. Because I do.

But then, to do something extra at this point of time really need TIME.
I wish I have more time:)

Hasil carian imej untuk normality is a paved road

In 10 years time, I hope they know, even though I was not always around, I always have their best interests at hear:((

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