Tuesday, August 01, 2017


I woke up at 4, reading Fid's message asking me to contact Jen. Took time to reply to Jen's but I totally forgot to thank Fid for the message.

Bagus budi bahasa kau norizanadnan.

While busy rummaging the cubicle looking for Errr shoes(?) Suhaida came asking for ANY hadiah. Hahhahah d ones she prepared for the event accidentally left home.

Early in the morning?
Managed to find a tshirt n she rolled it in KALAS cups.

"A savior", kata beliau kepada mokcik yang masih terkebil2. Hahhahaha.. Weii KALAS for VIP?
Ikea should thank me hahhahahah

At 9, Jen came for observation.  It was not good. Later we went for brunch together.

"On me!" dia kata..
Like? I m d host kot.

As usual, it is always fun talking to her, when we PuΕ₯ down d profesional cap.
I guess that is what I treasured most about her. When I did mistake she never spare me. She will point out without fear n favour.
Then, once it is over,  we talked free about things.

Not just her.
Most of our fraternity r like that. Jo included. I remembered how she strongly opposed to what Jen's were doing back then

I remembered asking Jen in 2015 either the two of them had personal issues.
"Nope", she answered shortly. No elaboration.
Today I know she was telling me the truth, nothing but the truth πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
Jen n Jo were always seen talking about work-related matter publicly.

I admired both of them for that.
In fact I admired people who can separate their personal n Profesional issues.

"Teacher, saya nak Singgit nak beli air", Ashraf pleaded when I bumped into him after brunch. I handed a 1.5liter mineral water, but he refused, saying that he only needed a smaller bottle.
Sangat manja..

Was on.the way to.pay for d drinks when someone approached me, "saya nak mengadu" She said.
I took time to listen.
She had worked hard to ensure d morning event was succeed. Unfortunately,  her co-team sabotaged it by refused to do something on d pretext d boss was not coming.
Like... Seriously??? πŸ˜‚
ok tak jadi ketawa because she was very depressed.

" Wasnt him d ones who did not adhere to d rules n regulation in d previous task?" I asked to confirm.
"He did. Hey that was not all. Someone detect he did wrongly for a certain important matter"  dia tambah.
"Who detect?" as usual, Serious allegation needs a good source. She mentioned a name, I smirked.

It is interesting to note dat he was awarded d APC which was described by many as duit haram. Some went far as not to eat their food.

Bab cenggitu mokcik tak.campur.  Orang kasi mokcik makan je... I went to him n congratulate him, because back then I think.he deserved it. Of course at that time I never had a chance to work closely with him n I never join any bunga2 neraka teamπŸ˜‚.

It just dat recently when Abg Bro n TheOldFriend transferred, I rarely left my.cubicle. Therefore, these people have more time to speak to me. Maybe...

These new revelation made me thinking about my view on people too.

When d APC list came out, most of my closest friends complained that those r Apple polishing,  I beg to differ though.

Not many years later, he was not doing what he is.supposed to.do. I m.talking about work ethics here.
Another one had given stupid excuses to d people at a higher up level. Someone up there was given a task to monitor beliau.

"Dia ni macam mana orangnya", the big shot asked, during one of our meetings.

"Ok je", saya jawab sambil tersengih.
Like Jo n Jen, mokcik memang ok dengan semua orang. Shud d need to give my piece of mind arise,  mokcik gigih melakukannya tanpa tapisan. Once d matter was over, tidaklah mokcik sudi menarik muka sehingga ke hujung nyawa.

As usual, orang mengadu kita tadah telinga. Orang cakap kita siasat.  Orang main wayang,  kita duduk tepi dan makan popcorn sajalah...

In life, if u want to help. Help.
If u dont want to do. Dont.
If u have power.
Be fair n just.

No drama plsπŸ‘Œ

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